checklist complete ready to depart :)


@J9J9T pushback in 5! Final boarding call


Wait can I join om. Can I join please sir

@Azaan_Shahid yes take Terminal 85 but hurry!

Actually sir, go ahead with out me my friend, I won’t hold you back

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@Azaan_Shahid we still have planes on the ground at EGBB waiting in the queue to take off. If you still want to join you have time. Otherwise, we’ll catch you on the next leg down to Lisbon!

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NOTAM 2: Top of descent is 80NM. Not 100NM, as previously stated.

Notice From EIDW ATC:

We are currently experiencing radar issues (Server Issues). Will keep you notified when radar contact resumes. Please resume VFR Flight Rules

Expert Server is down.

Thank you for the update and service @Balloonchaser

Do you want us to circle the airspace?

The whole server is down.

So if you can land… Land. But nobody else is on

I’m 30NM northeast of the airport starting the south turn to base. Inbound for Runway 28

Thank you @everyone who participated in the event. We hope you enjoyed it, despite the server issues. Please share any pictures you might have taken!

Join us again in two weeks as we pick-up where we left off in EIDW and head down to Lisbon, Portugal.

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one pic to share:



I took two pics



Hey everyone!

I’m sure today’s event was a great success, and it would have been so much better if the servers didn’t decide to cut out for us. But nonetheless, a great event.

Now that it is over, I hope a lot of you are considering joining one of the top VA’s around.

You can check out our website which is in the process of having a complete make over or if you’ve made up your mind already you can apply using our application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to see you in our Virtual Airline and have a great time!



Hi @everyone

The Destination Saturdays: Lisbon IFC event thread is live. Hope you can join us Saturday, November 11th as we continue our journey across Europe. Here’s the link to RSVP: [Arrived] DESTINATION SATURDAYS: LISBON | @ EIDW - 181800ZNOV17

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