CLOSED departure NZWN TS1

Help me practice controlling departure at NZWN on TS1 as I start practicing for the expert server control test please give feedback on my controlling so I can improve

Hi if you need to practice for expert then you need to control tower and ground to pass the test on expert


Oh well that’s a bummer I never control them due to people ignoring requests then getting two on final while someone’s on the runway and another person isn’t talking to atc and entering the runway and the two on final are aw knowledging the go around but arnt doing it while ones at 200kts and others so that’s the last time I tried tower wish there was a way to report them but not on ts1

And, if you post here that you are open and close after 11 minutes. You will not get any traffic, just sayin’


Yeah I fully figured that but I had planned to as departure but Since I have to do ground and tower I’m going to rethink

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