[CLOSED] Denver Sightseeing Tour - @ KGUC - 151445ZNOV15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Denver

Airport: KGUC

Time: 1445Z (9:45 AM EST)

NOTAM: Spawn at KGUC in a Cirrus SR22. I will lead this tour. We will takeoff at KGUC and head west, following the Gunnison River towards Montrose, the lake is Blue Mesa Reservoir. When we reach Montrose we will turn to the north, flying towards KGWS. From there we will follow the Colorado River upstream towards KEGE. This will take us through Glenwood Canyon. Glenwood Canyon is a steep walled canyon with lots of sharp twists and turns. Keep your airspeed below 120 kts. At Eagle we will turn northeast towards the waypoint PENEY. From there we will turn south again, flying over the town of Winter Park and through Berthoud Pass. Berthoud Pass is a high mountain pass with a peak elevation of 11,230 ft.Once over the pass we will follow the Colorado River back to Eagle and end our tour there!

This route should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Cruise Alt: 9500 ft

Cruise Speed 230 kts.

Is this now?

What’s the cruise alt and stuff ?

No tomorrow.

Ok I’ll be there

Average cruise alt. will be 9500 ft msl


Event starts in 45 minutes!

15 minutes to go. ;)

Event has started, please spawn at the terminal at KGUC