[Closed] Denver or Hawaii?

I know there’s a few posts similar to this, but most of them are closed or unlisted. Even so, none of them seem to draw a clear line between Denver Region and Hawaii Region. Please, I don’t want any ‘buy live+’ or anything similar to that. I just want to know if I should buy Denver or Hawaii. If there is a better region, please let me know. I have only bought the Caribbean region and am looking for something new. Hawaii has pretty good mountains as well, from experience flying in and out of there in real life, so I’m sort of edging towards it. Please help me make a decision!

Denver Region is where I cast my vote. Best region ever

Denver is a true mountain reigon ,which can be challenging to a skilled pilot at times. I enjoy Hawaii, but it doesn’t seem to have the type of mountain ranges Denver does …

I would personally choose Hawaii thou as there are some really long routes …


Just get Live+

I think Denver. Very fun to fly in and nice and challenging. I don’t generally fly in Hawaii but Denver is awesome. May want to wait for global though.

Hawaii is my vote. I personally like the island hopping, and it’s also a pretty big region.

  • Denver
  • Hawaii

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C’mon not a poll :)

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I’m going to buy Hawaii. Decision made, unless someone comes and convinces me in the utter most profound way that I should get Denver, and in the next ten minutes… :)

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