[Closed] Denver Canyon Maze Challenge @ KASE - 171900ZAPR16

Server: Freeflight

Region: Denver

Airport: KASE

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: This challenge will take place from KASE-KCOS. We all have to be in a Cirrus SR22 and take any canyon path possible to get to KCOS. No matter what, we are departing from Runway 15! You mustn’t be above the canyons! Since KASE is a small airport, I can only take 10 participants


@JFKPlaneSpotter - APTEDTR
@GolferRyan - N733TC
@mkafula - IFAU08
@Aviationluver - PMR997
@hmkane - N1214HK


I’ll try to make it.

I’ll be there for sure. However, it’s supposed to snow in Aspen tomorrow. 😉 See you there!

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Take a look at the Denver region now 😂

I live in Denver!

Oh😅 Well, I guess the weather’s horrible, right?

Yeah, we’ve already gotten 18 inches of snow today!

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@Matt_B @GolferRyan what are your callsigns?

I’m N733TC

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IFAU08 is coming

I think I could attend

Callisign? :)

my usual…PMR997

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I’ll be there with my C308 again (jk, SR22)

1214HK right?

Nope! N1214HK

November One Two One Four Hotel Kilo

Just to clarify: Will this be a race, or can we take our time? and also, there are some points in the canyons whereyiunwill have to take the plane a little higher than the canyon to avoid terrain. Is that fine?

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Not a race, and yes that’s fine, as long as your not above the entire canyon 🙂


ok great. I’m looking forward to it😄

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