[Closed] Delta's London Cruise @ EGSS - 182200ZJUN17

Hey I’ll take ground to

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I will be joining, please assign me a gate :)

I’ll take a gate thanks

Awesome! You’ll have A13L. 👍👌

Glad to have you aboard! A13R is yours. 👍👌

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Great, I will show up in a Delta 777-200LR, with callsign “Delta 68 Heavy”.

The aircraft we are using is the Embraer 170 :) @Thunderbolt_78

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Oh, sorry! Then I will change to “Mercury 44 26”.

Please use the Delta livery also. Considering it’s a Delta event, it would be a given to use a Delta livery. 😉

Of course, “Mercury” is the callsign ID for “Shuttle America”, which is one of Delta’s regional operators, especially in the ERJ-170 family.

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I should be able to make it.

That’s great to hear! A14L for you sir. 👍👌

I want a gate please so I actually can fly in the right place my call sign is AirFrance127

A14R is all yours! And remember to fly in the Delta livery 😉 👍👌

I might not be able to come to this event but just in case I can come can I have a gate please

Gate B20 for you. I hope to see you there! 👍👌

There will be a slight change of plans. @anon2063420 will be leading this flight. Please follow his orders, if any. Copy his FPL at EGSS. This event is NOT cancelled. Please ensure that you know your gate. I thank you in this small transition of leaders and I am very sorry that I couldn’t come. Thank you all and have fun!

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Along with that, I am still accepting gates 😉

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Event starts in 7 minutes. Spawn in to your assigned gate. @anon2063420 should be there soon, if not now. Have fun guys!

So sorry I couldn’t make it I couldn’t get any where to contact you hope it didn’t ruin the experience 😔

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