[Closed] Delta's Dynamic Duo! @ WSSS - 232200ZAPR17

Come join Delta as we invite you to an event! We ask that you follow all Infinite Flight rules and follow all ATC instruction (taxi on taxi lines, don’t overspeed, maintain safe distance between each other).

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Aircrafts: B738/9 - B717

Time: 2200Z

Date: 23 April 2017

NOTAM: WSSS-WMKK will be at FL160 going 320KIAS. Ascend to FL160 at 2300 FPM going 220KIAS. Please keep a safe distance between other aircrafts. Descent at your own rate. FPL will be made by @Gavin_Hertel (DLVA288) and is to be copied at WSSS.

Hello fellow community members! Delta is back once again with another spectacular event. This week, we fly our red and blue birdies to Singapore. This event is quite unique. All pilots attending will have a special buddy to fly the skies with! At this event we will be using both runways at WSSS. Each pilot will be separated equally and will taxi to their assigned runway. From there, the tower will send you guys in the sky at the same time! If no tower is available, announce take off at same time to ensure all goes well. Take amazing shots of this event and post it on this thread. I hope to see every one of you in this event.

  • Training Server
    If you would like a full ATC experience sign up here. But, be aware. Some pilots may not listen and will complicate the event. You get a wonderful ATC coverage with the cost of potential trollers.

Spots (request a spot)(I will assign you your runway):
Training Server:
T2 Gate E1: @Gavin_Hertel (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E10: SWAPWLA (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E11: Kyle.r24 (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E12: Brandon_Kreuter (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E2: stafford_dlva7871 (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E20: Kyriakos_Papasavas (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E22: Pilot_urp (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E24: Joshua_Davis (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E26: Kevin_Singh (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E27: unltd93 (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E28: Twocflyer (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E3: KoolKidRayJ (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E4: Del1 (02C/20C)
T2 Gate E5: Binesh_Ashokan (02L/20R)
T2 Gate E6:

Active ATC (for TS1 only):

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Do not hesitate to ask any questions about this event or Delta Virtual. :)


I’ll take ground at both

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Roger that! Ground at WSSS and WMKK. 👌👍

I’ll be there, B717 on the training server, it’ll be more active. I’ll use my DLVA call sign (DLVA11)

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Roger that! Gate E10. Taxi to runway 02L/20R. 👌👍

Gate please @Gavin_Hertel for the expert flight! Thanks and Go Delta VA! :)

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Awesome! Gate E10. Taxi to runway 02L/20R. 👌👍

U guys need ATC on expert?

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If it’s possible, we would love some ATC coverage!

I’ll take a gate, thanks.

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Would you like to be on the Training Server or Expert? :)

Expert please @Gavin_Hertel

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Roger that! Gate E11 and taxi to runway 02C/20C 👌👍

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I very wish that this event gonan be good sorry i cant be here ! :)

Oh I’m sad I cant participate :(
Joke, looks good I hope it goes well!


No worries at all. ;)

Lol thank you for those kind words. :)

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Let’s get more pilots joining this event! Come on and fly with us at Delta VA!

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Due to the lack of pilots, we will be combining servers. All pilots report to TRAINING ​SERVER 1. This includes: @Brandon_K and @Kyle.r24 . All details are the same and all runways are unchanged. But please recognize yourself with the new gate assignments. I hope to see you all there. :)

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Sign me up! Looking forward to it!

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