[Closed] Delta's Denver Take Over! @ KDEN - 092200ZAPR17

Come join Delta Virtual Airlines as we invite you to an event! We ask that you follow all directions given out by the ATC. All infinite flight rules are to be followed (ex. Taxi on taxi lines, Ground speed, Do not over speed, etc.). Please keep a SAFE distance between all planes (at least 5NM away from each other). Details are as below:


Server: Training Server 1

Region: Denver, Colorado


Aircrafts: A319, B738, B739

Time: 2200Z (6PM EDT. 4PM MDT.)

Date: 4/09/17

NOTAM: KDEN-KCOS will be at FL170 going 310 KIAS/2200FPM at 220KIAS// KCOS-KEGE will be at FL220 going 310KIAS/2200FPM at 220KIAS// Touch and Go at KCOS//

Join Delta Virtual as we take over the Denver Region! We will be entering hazardous waters with Frontier Virtual occupying this region. We will depart KDEN and head South to make a touch and go at KCOS departing North to make a landing at KEGE.
Copy This FPL at KDEN//@Gavin_Hertel (DLVA288) will lead the flight//
Please be aware that runways may change due to weather when event starts.

Spots (request a spot):
B01: @Gavin_Hertel
B02: LAHockey
B03: CaptJackson
B05: Steven_Gonzalez
B06: Flymke1200
B15: Leonard_Paulson
B16: Joshnunnau
B17: Twocflyer
B18: Kyle.r24
B21: AmericanAirlines2739
B23: Brandon_Kreuter
B24: Cpt_Chris
B25: Kevin_Singh
B26: samuel_48
B27: QR01
B28: AviationFreak
B29: RedarPhel
B30: HJS_8
B31: staffordmark747
B32: Pilot_urp
B33: Soydepr
B35: USA007
B37: CaptCurt
B38: emerald_mc
B39: Joshua_Davis
(More gates will be open if this is full)

Delta Virtual Website:


See you guys there! (Sorry I have not been so active on the VA)

You will be Gate B02. 👍👌

Roger that! I can’t wait now!

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I would love a gate!

Roger that! Gate B03 for you. 👍👌

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I will take any gate please, see you at the event!


Ok! I’ll sign you up for gate B04

Ill be there can I have a gate!

Yup! Gate B05 will be yours. 👍👌

I’ll take a gate :) thanks

You will be in Gate B06 👍👌

Gate 15 please. I’ll participate, looking forward to it.

Okie dokie. B15 it is! 👍👌

I would like gate B16 please!

Gate B16 it is! :) 👍👌

Ahem…some FVA eyes will be closely monitoring this event…👀 XD best of luck, I’ll hold my forces at bay. Enjoy your event guys it looks really well set up!


You heard it everyone! @SkyHighGuys and his VA will closely monitor this flight… So, BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR!!! 😜😬

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We knew FVA would say something… DLVA is taking over Denver! Haha Watch out FVA! ;) @SkyHighGuys

I will be stalking every way I can…watch those taxi lines and make sure you keep proper sep and make sure you announce a southwern departure from Denver and then a western departure from COS and…okay I’ll hush 😂😂