[Closed] Delta's​ Amsterdam Take Over! @ EHAM - 072200ZMAY17

I don’t have a live subscription yet

I will take 79 plz can we possibly reschedule

G79 for you! And, I’m sorry that is the set date I have put for this flight. Any other concerns should be handled via PM. :) 👍👌

G71 please @Gavin_Hertel 🤘

Excellent! G71. Glad you could make it. 👍👌

I will join please assign gate

Great! G73 for you. :) 👍👌

I’ll take a gate for my last event with DLVA :(

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G76 for you! It’s sad to see you go. ;…(

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I’ll take a gate, thanks

Roger that! I’ll open up more gates momentarily. 😊👍

H01. Glad you could join! 👍👌

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Ill take a gate please! @Gavin_Hertel :)

H02. Happy to see you on the list! 👍👌

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Please sign me up, I want this to be my last flight with Delta VA.

H03. Sad to see you and @CaptJackson retiring. Very glad you could make it, with this being your last flight. :) 👍👌

I’ll take gate H4 please

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H04 it is! Hope to see you there. :) 👍👌

I’ll join DLVA6641 give me a gate please H04

I’ll take H04, if still available!