[Closed] Delta's​ Amsterdam Take Over! @ EHAM - 072200ZMAY17

Come join Delta as we invite you to an event! We ask that you follow all Infinite Flight rules and follow all ATC instruction (taxi on taxi lines, don’t overspeed, maintain safe distance between each other).

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam

Airports​: EHAM-EDDK

Aircrafts: B777-200LR

Date: 7 May 2017

Time: 2200Z

Welcome community members! For this week’s event we will be taking over the Amsterdam region. Bring the wonderful Delta B777-200LR as we travel the skies of Amsterdam. Please be the best you can at, not just Delta’s events, but all events you attend. We have seen too many trolls disrupting the event and almost ruining the experience for others. With that being said, just remember to stay on your best behavior and most importantly, have fun! :)

NOTAM: EHAM-EDDK//FL260 (2400FPM)//320KIAS (220KIAS until at cruise)//Decent/Leader of the flight (DLVA288) will slow down and descend, follow his leads///FPL will be made by @Gavin_Hertel (DLVA288) and is to be copied at EHAM when you spawn in

Spots (request a spot):
G02: @Gavin_Hertel
G04: Twocflyer
G05: John_Ryan
G06: Ironman_Ballets
G07: Leonard_Paulson
G08: Joshua_Davis
G09: Jose_Oscana
G71: CaptCurt
G73: Soydepr
G76: CaptJackson
G79: Airproud95

H01: Kyle.r24
H02: Brandon_Kreuter
H03: LAHockey
H04: Yabuddyy
H05: Flymke1200
H06: stafford_dlva7871
H07: Leonard_Paulson

F03: EEmmanuel
F04: iitsDre-A321
F06: Paulo_Gouveia
F07: Ben.hehr

Active ATC:

Please remember ANY disrespectful behavior will be reported. We ask anyone who sees bad behavior to report that person. Thank you.

Wanna learn more about Delta Virtual? Check our website here: http://deltavaif.weebly.com/ . We would love to have you aboard!


Sounds a very good event wish that’s gonna be good ! Cant be here

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Will be there, DLVA11

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Will be there as well. Please assign me a gate. Thank you. Looking forward to it!!!

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G03, glad you could make it! 👍👌

G04, looking forward to seeing you there! 👍👌

Can I take a gate please

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Absolutely! G05 for you my good friend :) 👍👌

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hey Dlva4343 looking to get a gate thanks bro!

Great! G06 for you, glad you could make it! 👍👌

I’ll take a gate pls

Awesome! G07 for you sir. ;) 👍👌

I’ll be there as well. Please assign me a gate :)

Can I get a gate if possible

Roger that! G09. :) 👍👌

Of course! G08 for you. ;) 👍👌

I’ll have a spot I might be able to make it

Look like a lot of fun. Too bad I’ll be subscribing to Live+ after the global update

G71. I hope you can make it!! 👍👌

Will you be attending this event?