[CLOSED] Delta VA Queen of the Skies Sendoff @ RKSI - 170200ZDEC17


Join Delta VA as we host the real time send off of the Boeing B747 from American Mainline Airlines Fleets. We will be departing RKSI at the same time the actual final Boeing 747-400 flight is departing out of the airport. We will be doing an ultra long haul flight to KDTW where we will be retiring the B744 from not just Delta Air Lines’ fleet but the Delta VA fleet as well. All are welcomed to join this momentous occasion. Expect this to be a long flight but the departure and arrival time should work perfectly for all in the continental US.

Important to note that this flight would leave on the 16th of December for all living in the US

Server - Expert

Date -12/17/17 Zulu Date 12/16/17 EST Date

Departure Time -0215 Z


EST 9:15pm
CST 8:15pm
MST 7:15pm
PST 6:15pm

Expected Flight Time - 12 hours 30 minutes

Arrival Time -1445 Z on 12/17/17


EDT 9:45am
CDT 8:45am
MDT 7:45am
PDT 6:45am

–>Flight time estimated-Diversion to KORD if necessary-Check NOTAM for possible diversions <–

V1-152 / VR-172 / V2-215
**Flight Level -FL330

How it's Done (Climb)

Flaps set to 10° for take off / Stay below 101% N1
-Takeoff under 250KIAS until 10,000ft - 2800fpm
-Climb to FL100 from 250KIAS - 2800fpm
-Climb to FL150 from cruise speed M.85 (318KIAS until cross over altitude) - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL200 from cruise speed - 2800fpm
-Climb to FL230 from cruise speed - 2500fpm
-Climb to FL260 from cruise speed - 2200fpm
-Climb to FL280 from cruise speed - 1500fpm
-Climb to FL300 from cruise speed - 1200fpm
-*Climb to FL330 from cruise speed - 1000fpm

How it's Done (Descent)

Begin descent 150NM out of (ICAO)
-2000fpm until at FL150
-1500fpm until at FL100 / Slow down at FL140
-1000fpm until you intercept ILS

Departure - (Incheon International Airport) / (RKSI)
Arrival - (Detroit Metro Wayne Co Airport) / (KDTW)

Aircraft - Boeing 747-400 (Delta Livery)

Total Fuel - 300,000lbs. / 136,027kgs

Passengers - 60,353lbs. / 27,376kgs.
-* 356 Souls*

Cargo - ~ 13,500lbs. / ~ 6123kgs.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - 486,525lbs. / 220,684kgs

NOTAM: RKSI-KDTW // M.85 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPL made by @usa007 (DLVA67) and is to be copied at RKSI after spawning in. @USA007 will be first to push back and all ATC instruction should be followed //

For more information check below ⬇
RKSI charts - RKSI information
KDTW charts - KDTW information

Current gate assignments:
Spots (request a spot):

Gate 106- @USA007
Gate 108- @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate 110- @kylen15
Gate 111- @anthonyphilemon
Gate 112- @Bigballin2u
Gate 113- @r3life
Gate 121- @Christian_Richardson
Gate 122- @LennyD
Gate 123- @Pilot_urp
Gate 124- @Joren
Gate 126- @Eduardo_Rodrigues1
Gate 128- @antek
Gate 130- @CarlosFunes
Gate 131- @SF34
Gate 32- @Twocflyer
Gate 33- @HNilsen
Gate 35- @American
Gate 37- @Enrique_Fernandez
Gate 39- @Reedgreat
Gate 40- @Itssherwood03
Gate 41- @Grady_Herbert
Gate 42- @Mjv0309
Gate 43- @garrison2502
Gate 44- @Cbro4
Gate 45- @horizonmaster03
Gate 46- @jairohernanpty
Gate 47- @jdag2004
Gate 48- @crxmson
Gate 49- @CS_Aus_TB20GT
Gate 50- @Plane_Masta
(More spots will be open if need be)

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What were using:
Simbrief Briefing: RKSI-KDTW | RKSI charts
| RKSI information | KDTW charts | KDTW information | ZULU time chart | Airnav | Delta Virtual


May I have a gate please?

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After making my topic, I can’t stand not going. But I can’t, I’ll be on the flight myself. Thank you so much for hosting this event though!

Check out my thread regarding Delta retiring their 74s at:

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Gate please, really looking forward to this!

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No problem this has been planned by the VA for the last month. We will be flying right along side you in real time. Enjoy the final flight!


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I️ would like a gate

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Gate please…looking forward to long haul flight in a Delta 747

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I fly her in honor of her

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Are you requesting a gate? Because that isnt being clear if you are or not

Yes I am can I get a gate please

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I would like a gate please :D

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I knew you would ;) Glad to have you flying


I’d like to request aGate please.

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Alreight I’m signing up!

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I’d love to join this event, gate request please!

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Gate please. Thank you

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put me in boss
any gate

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Can I have a gate boss?
Thanks in advance.

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A gate would be awesome usa007! Thanks in advance

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