[CLOSED] Delta Landing Competition (event 2) @ KCLT - 122200ZMAR17

Landing: Event 2

Come join Delta Virtual Airlines as we invite you to an event! We ask that you follow all directions given out by the ATC. All infinite flight rules are to be followed (ex. Taxi on taxi lines, Go ground speed, Do not over speed, etc.). Details are as below:

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Charlotte, NC

Airport: KCLT

Time: 2200Z

Date: 3/12/17

Aircrafts: ERJ-170_B717_B738-9 (Please use a Delta livery)

NOTAM: We will be doing a pattern around one of the runways. Climb and maintain ALT. 2000 going 210 KIAS. Everyone will line up at the hold short line of assigned runway. Once the first person takes off, the next will line up. After the first person enters right downwind, the second will takeoff. We will repeat the same sequence until everyone has gone once. 2 runways may be open if we become over crowded.

@Lukascrazydude controlling ground and tower at our first event.


Spots (request a spot):
D01: Kyle.r24
D03: Jeffrey1o2
D04: Lx_D
D05: Pilot_urp
D06: QR01
D07: The_One_World
D08: Cameron_Brown
D09: Cpt. Chris
D10: N789MH
D11: Ethan_Hansen
D12: jdag2004
D13: RedarPhel
E01: Spencer_Chapman
E02: andrew-millson
E03: KoolKidRayJ
E04: Samuel_48
E05: Balloonchaser
E06: Marie_Sackett_Tretia
E08: IF_Aviation_Thomas
E09: Milen_Jacob
E10: Djcammo
E11: Tile_Rifted

The judges will grade you on 4 things, how smooth was the landing?, were you centered?, were you in the touchdown zone?, and did you take the proper steps for a safe landing (speed, flaps, etc.)?. We will average up all the scores and determine the winner (max. possible points: 15).



I’ll take D01 please

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Hi, I would Like D02 please, thank you

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D01 and D02! Roger that. 👌

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Can I come in the 767? If not, I’ll come in the B717-200


If the B767 doesn’t have APPR. then yes. You’ll be in gate D03

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I’m open can I take gate D01

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Yea it doesn’t have APPR. You wouldn’t tell because my landings are better ;)


OK. Then you can use it, and @Kyle.r24 and @ILLUMENTS were are winners from event one and they are good so you better bring your A game. ;-)


I’ll be a backup thanks

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Roger that! Thank you.

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You will be in D04. 👌👍


Can I have d4 I am Charlotte native and I love delta

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Great! D05 for you. 👍👌

Gate please. @r3life feels like our roles roles will be reversed here. Going to come in blazing ✈


Roger that! D06 it is. 👌👍

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I’ll take a spot please. What time shoul I take my gate?

D07. And I say come maybe 5 minutes before the event starts. But, it will take a little bit getting everyone lined up so coming at 2200Z would be fine too.

I’ll do my best to get there can I use my 777-200ER or 757-200?

Please do not use the 777, but if the 757 doesn’t have APPR. and has a Delta livery, then yes.