[CLOSED] Delta Gathering @ KTPA - 261300ZAUG17

Just to be that person, at KTPA, Southwest uses Terminal C, Detla uses Terminal E. Just saying ;)

I’d love to be there but can you tell me which city and which airport in that city. Thanks

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Forget it, I can’t be there

I do have one comment, Delta operates out of Airside E, not Airside C. Might make the event a little more realistic.

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@ColinS @Will_Haxton maybe next time, right now, it’s too hard

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SoFlo and KTPA, Tampa International

Can I also book a gate plz

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What airport is KTPA I want to join

Tampa International is the airport


Since this is a huge event, more than anticipated, please taxi and pushback in an orderly manner, by gate order.

What is the city called

Thank you I will try to be there

I would like to inform everyone that I won’t be there due to not owning that airport. Have fun 😜

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Can I join? Plane: Boeing 737-900, Delta

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Really sorry @SirPilotOfAviation but I won’t be able to make the event, but thanks for assigning me a gate 👍

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just found out I won’t be able to make it anymore :( sorry

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Do you want ATC for the event?

Sure, you want to be ATC?

If there’s a space open

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Yeah, you wanna come?