[Closed] Delta Flight @ KSFO - 041740ZAUG15

K sorry you attending?

Not available at that time, sorry

Who changed back title?

That would be me :)

The event is tommorow not the 15

That’s in the link I posted above

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Okay I will be there Delta 231

Ok great I will be Delta 224

I just did the flight, very nice ! The good thing is that all KSFO runways are operationnal.

Ok moving event to tomorrow

Why not today ?

What about one event tonight and another tomorrow ?

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Theres an event tonight and most people will go to that one and plus theres only 2 people attending counting you

ok… Are you talking about the turbulent tuesday event ?

What event is happening tonight ?

Alright I’m just going to do some practice around before the event starts

Once I change the title to the correct format, it is unlikely that I’ll visit the same topic again. If you’re changing the time or date of the event you have to change the title yourself

Yea turbulent tuesday

What time dallas

Let me check