[Closed] Delta Flight @ KSFO - 041740ZAUG15

Does it matter what server he’s hosting the event on? He can do Free Flight server if he wants 8/

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I actually have enough xp to host one in atc playground so…

August 4th

I’d like to join but I am not a very advanced flyer yet. Do you mind?

No problem

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K sorry you attending?

Not available at that time, sorry

Who changed back title?

That would be me :)

The event is tommorow not the 15

That’s in the link I posted above

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Okay I will be there Delta 231

Ok great I will be Delta 224

I just did the flight, very nice ! The good thing is that all KSFO runways are operationnal.

Ok moving event to tomorrow

Why not today ?

What about one event tonight and another tomorrow ?

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Theres an event tonight and most people will go to that one and plus theres only 2 people attending counting you

ok… Are you talking about the turbulent tuesday event ?