[Closed] Dash 8 Landing Competion (Improved) @ EBCI - 312000MAR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: Brussels South

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM:As you know, the Dash 8 Q400 Landing competition is tonmorow. However, this might be to late or to early for people (like me! ๐Ÿ˜) Please bring a Dash 8 Q400 in either the Bombardier Livery, FDS Livery, and or the Generic Livery. Thank you!


You can only land once!
Once landed, please find a gate to watch others land! (Or you can disconnect)

Absolutely No Takeoffs Allowed Whatsoever!

There will be a total of 50 Winners!

Grade 1 - 5 Winners!
Grade 2 - 10 Winners
Grade 3 - 15 Winners
Grade 4 - 5 Winners
Grade 5 - 5 Winners
Grand Winners: 1st Place; 2nd Place; 3rd Place!

You Choose!


  • Antwerp
  • Rotterdam
  • Brussels South
  • Other Comment Below!

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  • 1200Z
  • 1300Z
  • 1400Z
  • 1500Z
  • 1600Z
  • 1700Z
  • 1800Z
  • 1900Z
  • 2000Z
  • All-Day!
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Keep it on #live until you have the time and airport

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Iโ€™m not going to join as I donโ€™t feel 100% comfortable with the DH8D :\

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I need a nod to do it :)

Still attend! Itโ€™ll be fun! :)

@PlanesForLife please stop moving this topic to #live and stop messing with the title too

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@Hamza_Adan keeps on telling me to move it. Then regulars are moving it. So you canโ€™t go blaming stuff all on me!

Please leave the title be now- itโ€™s correct

I assume it is today?

Also looks like everyone will be a winner cause I have never seen a event with 50 people there. The best IFO event only got 30.

Oh, your right.

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is anyone still going

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