(CLOSED) @CYVR GND/TWR) Sparryax ATC Tracking Thread

I’m Sparryax, an average controller with around 900 operations under my belt. I like to do Approach, Tower and Ground. Currently with the ATCEG to further improve my ATC’ing efficiency and competency. Please leave criticism below and follow information listed on my opening airport messages.


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A tip if I may: avoid practicing your ATC skills on KLAX, or any obvious airport in the US for that matter. The chance you’ll end up frustrated is very high, because it appears there’s a high concentration of noobs gathering on these airports.

I would either

  • stick with the IFATC schedule and open those airports
  • open airport with multiple parallel runways such as EDDL, KSCK, KADW, KSSC, KVAD.

In addition it may be a good idea to join the ATC Education Group. This is a cool place where Trainees and pilots meet and help eachother.

All the best with your practice!


Yea as stated above its good for practicing so when you are ready for IFATC you will be the best!

You have done ATC in the past for me, so I gotta say, your pretty good.

Yeah I’m trying to join the ATCEG. A requirement is having a thread open.

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Airport: KBUF- Niagra Buffalo Int’l
Position: Tower and Ground (friend will be approach)


NO Pattern Work Accepted
File FPL before taxing

Arrival RNWYS:
Departure RNWYS:

Ground Chart:

Arrival Chart:

I changed the status in your post title from OPEN to CLOSED. Please make sure your title reflects if you’re open or not. This helps to avoid confusion 😊


Ah thank you! I must’ve forgotten last night, I apologize.

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Opening at Vancouver International
Ground and Tower
Training Server

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