[CLOSED] Currently Offering An Aerial Refuelling Service @ KLAX

Hi everyone! With the release of the Dc 10/ md11 update, I am currently flying around in the vicinity of KLAX on TS1 under the callsign TANKER-1. Anyone who wants to try Aerial Refuelling is invited to rendezvous with my aircraft. I’m flying at FL150, at 275 knots airspeed. If this topic is inappropriate, or belongs somewhere else, please inform me and I will make necessary changes.
Thanks, David

I just thought of practicing my ATC skills. I will be ATC in KLAX so you can fly around with atc.

Aargh!!! My game crashed! Since it’s 1:37 am here in the U.K, I had better get some sleep. I look forward to flying tomorrow!

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Are you still flying?



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