[Closed] Crossing the London Region @ EGBB - 041300ZJAN17

Server: Expert

Region: London

Airport: EGBB

Aircraft: Lockheed C-130 (Any European livery)

Time: 1300Z - 1 p.m. GMT - 8 a.m. EST

NOTAM: It is imperative that you strictly follow all IF Live’s rules. Comply with recommended speed and altitude profiles. Do not exceed 550 kts ground speed below 40.000 ft. Make sure to go over the following parameters before joining the event. For guaranteeing a steady flow on approach, spacing on takeoff is essential.

Departure gates:

501: Ivan Lin
502: @elia_giudici
503: @TheBigBadBag
S Hangar 01:
S Hangar 02:

Flight plan (116 nm):

EGBB Rwy 33 - R2465 - TNT30 - DTY33 - DTY - TAGOX - SAM33 - IWW68 - IGG00 - EGKK Rwy 08R

Vertical speed: 1.900 ft/min
Climb speed: 180 KIAS MAX

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me. Keep the blue side up!

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Can you change server? Casual of training!

I might change it eventually.

Can I have one gate

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Sure, I’ll add you.


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Can you give me a gate.

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You’ve been added.

@elia_giudici @TheBigBadBag The event is tomorrow. Notice that there was an equipment change. See you then!

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