[CLOSED] Cross the Pond Event @ Too many airports - 021400ZDEC17

Cue the drumroll… Welcome to the OFFICIAL Cross the Pond event, ready to be the biggest event of all time on Infinte Flight!

Server: Training

Region: Wait, we still have these?


Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: Please sign up on the website for flight routes and planning, and also you can join the event there. I will be updating the thread here as well for gate information.

This is the first official Cross the Pond event in all of IF! Having major success on VATSIM, this event set records on VATSIM on number of people on the server at once. I hope that people will be able to join us for this amazing event! Just a heads up, we will have a westbound event from Europe to the states! The ways to sign up are a bit complicated, so I’ll try my best to explain it.

Ways to Sign Up
  1. Sign up on Website (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    Visit our website at https://crossthepond.wixsite.com/welcome to sign up for either ATC or Pilot. We really need a lot of ATC, so if you could help, that would be great. Also, there is a log in/sign up on the website, so if you sign up from the website, do that as well. This gives you the access to the Pilots and ATC pages, where I will be adding all the flight routes and other important information. This is HIGHLY recommended, as it will be easier for me to contact you if you do that.

  2. Sign up on thread
    Self explanatory. Tell me which airport you want to take off from and I’ll give you the gate you’ll be taking off from. You can choose where you want to land, and I’ll post the flight plans 24 hours before flight time on the thread.

Visit the website at https://crossthepond.wixsite.com/welcome for some cool information! I haven’t edited one of the pages, which I’ll get to ASAP.

IMPORTANT: VAs, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please PM me here on the thread, and I’ll add your sponsorship on the thread.

I am in no part in violation of the official Cross the Pond from VATSIM’s Terms and Conditions. This event is being hosted with the permission of the CTP event. Visit their website here: http://ctp.vatsim.net/

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Looks like a fun event to go to! Just a few suggestions:

  1. You may want to move the event to the Expert Server if you don’t want to run the risk of troll pilots/ATC. Then again if it’s on Expert, ATC cannot be guaranteed as there is a controlling schedule established every week.
  2. I’d push the event date back a week to compensate for the Thanksgiving holiday, and start it Saturday morning around 1100-1300Z, like the CTP event on VATSIM.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing the turnout for this event!


Liking the idea! Thanks and I’ll definitely implement them!

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Guys, we are really looking for a big turnout so it would be AWESOME if you can join! I’ll see you in the skies!

CTP will never be the same without Oceanic frequencies… :(

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Yeah I know… but we can do our best to recreate it! I’ll try and do some Center work on the way like near Iceland and Ireland, but beyond that there’s not much I can do!

Yep, sorry for the confusion. it’s the second of December at 1400Z

ah ok, think you might want to change the title to 021400ZDEC17 in that case as well as add one of the starting airports…that way it will show up on the App and you will get more attendees.

Thanks for that! Cmon guys, let’s get a HUGE turnout for this event!

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I applied on the website, when it comes to mobile some of the pages are a big messed up.

Yeah I know, I tried my best, but it’s wix at the end of the day. I’ll try and fix it.

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It’s okay, long as the application forms work! 👍😃

I would like to let everyone know that the event has been cancelled until further notice. I will try hosting the event again and hope for a bigger turnout. Thank you everyone who signed up!

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