[CLOSED] Croatia A319 SoCal Hop On Hop Off Tour @ KHHR - 261114ZMAR16

Server: ATC Playground (unfortunately)

Region: SoCal (unfortunately)

Airport: KHHR

Time: Look at the schedule to see where I’ll be. I’ll post updates here if there’s a delay and few minute change in schedule

NOTAM: Show up in Croatia A319s!

Remember my two failed attempts at region tours? Well, it’s happening, because this is the only region I can trust to be open. Below is a rough timetable of where I’ll be at different Zulu times. Feel free to hop on at the times and hop off at layover airports.

1114Z: Departure at KHHR FIRST STOP NO HOP OFF
1139Z: Estimated arrival at KONT
1145Z: Departure at KONT
1208Z: Estimated arrival at KEDW
1214Z: Departure at KEDW
1242Z: Estimated arrival at KPSP
1248Z: Departure at KPSP
1314Z: Estimated arrival at KSAN
1320Z: Departure at KSAN
1346Z: Estimated arrival at KNUC
1352Z: Departure at KNUC
1416Z: Estimated final arrival at KLAX LAST STOP NO HOP ON

Remember, you’re never forced to stay on the entire time. If I arrive early at an airport because of luck, I won’t leave early, I’ll wait until it’s time to depart. If I’m arriving late because of traffic issues, I’ll tweak the schedule a tad. If my game crashes, fly without me to the next destination airport, I’ll spawn in at the estimated arrival and try to find you. Happy Easter!


The airport is Too small

I could spawn an A319 there several times.

But they just have 4 parking, it won’t be enough for everyone

They spawn in, they taxi to me if necessary. Remember, not all my event participants are likely showing up the first leg. They might come in following legs.

Ok, have fun. I might be there

If so, see you in an hour or two!

What flight level?

10000 MSL. I never fly too high.

ATTENTION! UNTIL MY EVENT ENDS, MY ALTERNATE ACCOUNT, @C_Baccarialt will be where I post my updates. Also, remember this event is on PLAYGROUND.

Ok thank you

On the game with four others, ready for takeoff in T-minus 5 minutes.

Can a George Clowes pull up a few yards? TX.

Can I use ERJ-190 JetBlue

You don’t have A319? If not, sure, if ya do, use the Croatia A319. Okay time for takeoff.

Sorry I don’t have it

I’m in a 737

I’ll quit and take over ATC at KEDW

If you can land on:

If you can follow instructions I’ll hopefully get everyone to enter on final and land straight in :)

Winds have just changed at are 21005kt so now please come in from the east and land on

ATTENTION. A Captian Surya has been caught trying to take over my event just before my connection went out and I had to restart. Good thing for the fighter at the runway otherwise there would’ve been trouble holding him up.

@Will_Robson we just took off.