[Closed] Crazy Touch and Go's @ EHAM - 222045ZFEB17

Server: Training Server

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2045Z - 2130Z

NOTAM: Feel free to land on any runway, even if it is inactive

Recently on vacation, my wifi was so bad that’s I couldn’t play IF Live. I lost my Grade 4 landings. At this event we will spawn in at any gate in EHAM, and do some crazy touch and go’s at EHAM.

Aircraft: Come in your favorite touch and go aircraft!

Feel free to collide and land on any runway. Please no reporting!!

It would be more appreciated if ATC did not attend the event.
Hope you can make it
If you disagree with the “Craziness” of this event, don’t attend;)

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Im not able to join as its too late for me. sorry.

Edit, sorry for deleting my posts instead of editing them. not thinking

I’ll be there in my super marine spitfire mk-8

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Can you just change the server. TS would not say KNUC. Casual serv. is better ;-)

No. You don’t gain landings in casual.

And, where’s the problem ?

This was for me and others to get landings in the logbook:)

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