[CLOSED] Crash Of The Century Tribute Flight @ EHAM - 271900ZMAR17

Please put me in GATE A48 KLM 405

I will take a gate, Clipper 1920

Can i have a gate please
Callsign: clipper23

Gates are still available for this event guys!

KLM 2200 @Rudy_Sukarno

KLM 106, gate B16, please

Hey one of my ansestors were on that plane. And I would love to join this in tribute to all the lives that we’re lost.

I’ll be in a pan-am Boeing 747-200

Sign me up speedbird 400

I would love to attend:
KLM 471


I should want to come but I am not grade 3

Need one gate please with KLM 99

Give me a callsign please. Also, would love to know who your ancestor was.

Can I come please (if there’s space)

Air France 01 is my callsign

Callsign 805. Will come in other KLM aircraft as don’t have the 747-200.

Unfortunately we will be unable to accept official attendance for an aircraft other than a 742.

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Would anyone here preferably be able to communicate on voice with us on discord if they wish, during this flight?
If you would then click this invite link Discord

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Dear friend,

Would you please explain more regarding flight plan such (runway take-off, cruising speed, cruising altitude, max descending speed) if possible?
Should we follow the Aircraft ahead?

Thank you.


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Just try to follow Clipper 1 7 3 6 and KLM 4 8 0 5, try to maintain an arrow formation without breaking the rules.

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