[CLOSED] Crash Of The Century Tribute Flight @ EHAM - 271900ZMAR17

Server: Expert

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: {Quick reason to why this event is being hosted on expert is because I don’t want trolls to be chaotic, I’d like to be able to have everyone respect this mark point.} This year is the 40th Anniversary of The Crash Of The Century between 2 B747’s. Pan American 1736 & KLM 4805. This flight is to tribute the 583 losses on March 27th 1977. The plan is to depart Schipol RWY 09 and come round to Dusseldorf for a touch and go, arrival at Brussels. I ask you all to come in a KLM or PanAm Boeing 747 - 200 to show remorse for this incident at Tenerife. The flight plan shall be copied from either KLM 4 8 0 5 (@Dez) or Clipper 1 7 3 6 (@Thomas_Ralph). Remember guys, don’t disobey the IFATC.

I would like to request IFATC controllers for this event. A flight plan shall be posted under this message once it has been sorted out.

Wikepedia Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenerife_airport_disaster

Please state your callsign below so we are able to check attendance and gates for this event.

A32: KLM 4 8 0 5 @Dez
A34: Clipper 1 7 3 6 @Thomas_Ralph
A35: QFA0376 @samuel_48
A36: KLM 2727 Heavy @SPB2727_Skyteam SPB2727 Skyteam
A37: KLM 67 90 @Gerardo_Chaparro
A41: Clipper 9 2 2 0 @esrapp21 American HIPPO
A43: Clipper 3 8 3 8 @Bfinley1255
A45: KLM 4047 @Emarati_AD
A46: NFLS5240 @Godoflying
A48: KLM 405 @Paulo_Henrique
A49: Clipper 1290 Kyle.r24
B13: Clipper 23 Captain28
B15: KLM 223 Puncakes
B16: KLM 220 Rudy_Sukarno
B17: KLM 106 Alex2405
B20: Speedbird 400 Raa001_Prototype
B23: KLM 471 Julius 1997
B24: KLM 99 Abhishek_Bhattachary
B27: Air France 01 Cameron Renwick
B28: KLM 6213 Jurrasicpark_1993

We hope that you are able to attend this event!
Happy Flying! - Desmond


What a sad event that was. R I P to all lost.


I am not a noob but I am still in grade 2 :(


Get me a gate I’ll come in a KLM 747 KLM 223

Plz sign me up Callsign: QFA0376

What’s the date of this? I might be able to join
Name SPB2727 Skyteam
Callsign KLM 2727 Heavy

I’m a serious pilot and I can’t come because I’m not grade 3 :’(
Would love to show respect to all those souls and join you guys in the parade…

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Thanks for making this event.
Please sign me up gate A41
Call sign: Clipper 9 2 2 0
Name: American HIPPO
I’ll be in a PanAm 747

Able to give me a callsign?

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Remember, 747-200 PanAm or KLM.


27th of March. Hope to see you there!

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May I request for a gate please?

Thank you so much!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Global released this week so we could hold this event in Tenerife?


my callsign: KLM 67 90

I would like a gate, please. Pan Am 742, Clipper 3 8 3 8. Thanks for putting on a respectful tribute.

Sorry I missed out

I will be “KLM 4047” thanks

Perhaps those unable to take part will sign in here in support of your tribute and the families/friends of those lost.


I will come in a Klm 747 200 or 400 call sign nfls5240

200 Please. We’ll see you on the expert server!

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Ok thanks I’ll set a reminder on my phone

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