[CLOSED] Crash Animations.

I was thinking that when you crash the plane, the plane would realistically fall apart or catch fire instead of just showing a screen saying CRASH. There should also be a feature to turn the animations on or off. And yes, I did not find a topic related to this feature.

Well I found 2, and they were both closed by moderators 🤷


Don’t forget to vite for your own request! I would like to see this,although we can’t have players in Casual in F-22s creating explosions everywhere though. Maybe a little violent though.


I tought of this too, but it wouldnt be such a good idea in the live mode because a lot of people would do it on purpose! Realistic failures: engine fire, etc., would maybe be a better feature.

While this would be cool to watch, I can’t help but feel that people would crash intentionally and annoy others on all servers. Additionally, I think developer resources could be better directed elsewhere.


I think first we need tire smoke and hot waves

I not really supportive of this idea. Although it improves the realism of this simulator, it disturbs me to find fire and wreckage around me, whether intentionally or not. In the real world, hundreds of people would have been injured… or died.

There are so many who lost their lives in aviation accidents in the past, so that our aviation industry in the present is a better and safer one. By simulating crash effects (especially intentionally), I think it is disrespectful towards them.

Even though we always try to strive towards ®ealism in Infinite Flight, I think we should draw a line somewhere and not cross it.


While it maybe interesting, I think trolls would abuse this especially with aircraft on the runway or in the process of crossing or entering the runway and at the gate.

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i agree there should be better animations for the crashes, but yes it will probably bring trolls.
By the way, to you guys know where @azeeuwnl is? he has not been active lately.

This is a Flight Simulator NOT a Crash Simulator. The whole idea is to improve ones flying abilities. It is good that an incorrect flight does not emphasize or indulge in bad behavior.

I would suggest Status Quo.



I could see this most likely both disturbing some pilots and lagging the game.


That would make this a 9+ or a 13+ app on the App Store (due to the fact that crashes count as violence). Besides, who would spend half an hour to see 6 somewhat realistic crashes? That would anyways take time to code, and cause device lag.

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This is not something we will add.