[CLOSED] CraftyCat05 ATC Tracking | TS1

Hello IFC users! This thread is for tracking when I am controlling ATC on the Training Server! Feel free to fly with me if I am open. If you have any comments after you fly with me, please do PM your comments. Enjoy!


Services Offered:

Start Time:
Estimated Time of Control:



Past ATC Controls

KDFW - June 1st, 2018
KDFW - June 3rd, 2018

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I’ll come down!What aircraft would you like?

Anything! I don’t care, hope to see you soon.

Thanks for controlling. I have sent you a message with some comments in case you are practicing to become IFATC

Thank you @nk1021, @Luke_M, and anyone else who flew with me tonight. Hope you had an enjoyable experience, even if I had some mistakes.

Thanks for controlling! :)

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OPEN @ KDFW. Come join! Info in main topic.

Thanks to everyone that flew with me!

Hi, I was N952SE.

Thanks for the service; here are 2 things that I noticed:

  1. Only 1 pattern instruction is needed when I request a runway change. You gave me a downwind instruction, which was great, but the base instruction was not needed.

  2. I’m 90% sure you need to send a pattern entry instruction after a go-around… could someone clarify?

Thanks again

Hi Reese, thanks for flying with me! I’m pretty sure you were the only plane in the pattern at the time, I didn’t have to give you any sequencing instructions. I also was required to give you a left or right traffic instruction, as those are the only two options to give with a go around instruction. Thanks for the tips!

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