[CLOSED] Cpt TC ATC Tracking Thread

ATC now closed. If anyone wants more ATC, then request an airport.

Not too bad. It was busy when I came in as SWA 908. My bad for missing the runway change the first time.
I think using sequencing and pattern instructions more could help you out a lot, so everyone can anticipate what the next move is. Like maybe “enter right downwind 28L” if you’re moving someone over when they start pattern work on 28R. I heard you clear someone to land on 28L as number 1 when I was about 4 or 5 miles out on final, so not sure if sequencing could’ve helped you there, too.
Also, I reported touch and goes both times and was cleared to land, so you were basically saying the touch and go is denied.
Keep up the good work! Thanks for your service.

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Thanks for the feedback. Will use it to improve my skills. Thanks for taking the time to constructively criticise me!

And yes, my sequencing was terrible, but there were so many things going on my brain was full lol.

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Great informative video.


I am now at KMIA. I have edited my original post.

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I will be opening at KONT in 5 Hours Time

Open in 7 mins. Be there!

ATC now open! Come spawn in!

ATC is now closed. Thanks!

I’m bumpin’ this bad boy! I’m at PHNL now.

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I’ll be beginning taxi in a few minutes.

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I see ya. I thought my Internet was whack XD I’m on data in the middle of nowhere in France lol

I will hopefully head out in about 40mins once I have landed on my long haul!

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Sorry I never got to taxi, something came up, I’ll try and come next time!

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Sorry as well my flight took longer than expected!

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