[CLOSED] Cpt TC ATC Tracking Thread

Hi! I am currently closed. Sorry!


Server: N/A
Start Time: N/A
End Time: N/A
Frequencies: N/A

ATC opening now. Come spawn at lowi and rate my controlling!

ATC time has been extended.

ATC OPEN! Come for some patternwork or whatever idk…

Coming on down now. 👍

Sorry for response delay. Had to go for a sec I’m back now.

I can’t see lol. Got to look at the airport diagram.

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Shall I control somewhere else?

I would prefer to

Maybe. I would suggest KFLL or LSZH.

I am at EGLF, but I will do KFLL

I can confirm to everyone I am now at KFLL

Sorry. Game crashed. Brb

@Trio it says you are replying… are you?

Yes I am currently writing a book. Hold on, feedback coming your way.

Ok lol I’ll be patient :)

You did good.

  1. When I am remaining in the pattern as a general rule you should just clear me for the option not cleared to land. Cleared to land is for full stop landings and the option is for touch and goes and the option for a full stop. For example when I am on the downwind if I want to, I will say “TRIO20 is on right downwind RW28R full stop”.
  2. Also when I did land on 28L, and exited the runway, I asked for taxi to an active runway and you sent me to 28R so I had to taxi all the way across the airport.
  3. Good job with that transition. I wasn’t aware of this so thought I would share it:

That is all I can remember right now. Other than that great work. I would first recomend this video:

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I was utilising different runways. 28L for Arrivals and 28R for departures.

I just saw that your game crashed so I am assuming that is when I landed on 28R. 🤔

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Yep. That was exactly when.

That makes sense then. Ok.

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