[Closed] Correction/Saturday Night Flight (Red Sky at Night) @ EGSS-212000ZNOV15

“Max Sends” a NOTAM; Errors exist in the IFWP Dispatch “Red Shy Event” posted this date for this Saturday. A correction is immanent! (Info: @John_Preston21 @David_Lockwood ). End.
(Correction made to Title… Take off airport; EGSS (Stanstead) as requested)

Pardon? ???

@David_Lockwood… Max Sends". Just trying to be helpful David was I in error?

I wasn’t sure what the error was max. Could you clarify, I like to get things right!

“Max Sends”; Changed takeoff airport to EGSS as requested. Ok?

Ah thanks, thought I had managed that, must have not saved it! I am trying to change the wording in the text of the NOTAM as well as that still has Cambridge as take off :-)

@David_Lockwood. Max Sez’s only you can Chg the original text. If the pen is no longer visible in the control element at the foot of the topic frame the only solution I think is to post a Chg in topic. Been there done that.

It allows my to update the title, but not the body text… Not to worry, thanks for your help!

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Event starting now and running for next 12 hours! Have a great flight and post your pics!!

Some pictures from the event, thanks to all those who attended!

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