[Closed] Correction/Saturday Night Flight (Red Sky at Night) @ EGSS-212000ZNOV15

Server: All servers, ATC services on Advanced

Region: London

Airport: EGSC (Cambridge) - EGHH (Bournemouth)

Time: 2000 / 21 ZULU TO 0800 / 22 ZULU

NOTAM: IFWP presents SNF “Mile High Over London”.

The Wait Is Finally Over, The IFWP Admin Event Team Is Proud To Present the "Mile High Over London!!! Join us for an all day event with admins as we be departing from Cambridge to Bournemouth. We will have a flight plan out within the next few days. The event will take place on all servers.

Where: London Region

Airplane Virgin Atlantic (A340), Virgin America (A320) or any UK based airlines.

Servers: Free Flight (relaxed and free to do as you please)
Playground (training ATC maybe available)
Advanced (rules are strictly enforced, Advanced ATC may be available)

Don’t forget to take screenshots shots of your flight and share them on the group wall. This is something new we are starting that should address the lack of attendance due to time differences so we are hoping may of you come and join us for an all day event hosted by our group.

Thanks and we hope to see you all there.


But, in case I miss something, it’s actually a half-day event, isn’t it?

Well spotted ;)

the dangers of cut and paste…

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Since when has Virgin America been a UK airline? LOL!

major shareholder is Virgin Atlantic…go with the flow! :)

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trying to flow… I can’t man! A Virgin America A320 in the UK!!! What!?

well someone has to show the yanks how to fly…and Virgin Atlantic used to have some A320 on shuttle work until recently so there is precedence!

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Yes but it had “Virgin Atlantic” written on the side! Not “Virgin America”!

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in case anyone missed it, that was a tongue in cheek message …

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use your imginination… ;-)

Screw imagination! (Lol)

I would just use the generic livery.

Am just going to get my typex out…

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Like the way you set up the time frame for the event. It really helps. Thanks ;-))

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We try and keep it as wide open so that as many people as possible can take part from different parts of the world.

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Uh, so it’s really an all day event… One half-day fits my need (time zone issue) very well already ;-)) @John_Preston21, BTW, you might want to change the time frame, though.

depends where you are in the world of course… for some people an evening flight, others a night flight and others a pleasant afternoon flight!

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@John_Preston21 why did you delete the time format in the title?

Please note that take off airport is EGSS ( Stanstead) instead of Cambridge. Stanstead is more suitable for large aircraft movements as well as handling larger size aircraft.

Mods: I can’t change my original post only the title , can some one help please?