(Closed) Corporate Airlines VA final flight @ KMLI - 271900ZAPR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Chicago Region

Airport: KMLI

Time: 1900Z-0200Z

NOTAM: This is the Final Flight for Corporate Airlines VA, and will cease operations as soon as the event ends. Corporate Airlines has served as a part of Aviation Airways/Corporate VA operating as two separate VA’s up until now, as Corporate Airlines will now be fully merged with Aviation Airways, thus, no longer requiring the Corporate name. Corporate Airlines will cease operations on Thursday, 27, 2017 at 10:00pm EST

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Final flight of Corporate Airlines VA! If you remember, Corporate Airlines VA was run by @JacobVanZanten, Until November 16, 2016, when Corporate and Aviation Airways Merged to form a single strong airline, but still ran as two separate entities, with Corporate VA being managed by Aviation Airways.
On April 18, 2017, The Corporate Airlines Naming rights was then given to the CEO of Aviation Airways. The CEO of Aviation Airways VA has decided to completely merge Corporate Airlines VA into Aviation Airways, creating one single Virtual Airline. This event is to commemorate the successful run of Corporate Airlines, and we hope to see you there as the Final Flight of Corporate Airlines VA takes off into the sunset, retiring the name of Corporate VA and adopting the Aviation Airways VA name.

We thank Corporate Airlines for being the best airline we have managed. Learn more on our website here:

Corporate Airlines will cease operations on Thursday April 27, 2017
Aviation Airways will be the newly adopted name, and will be replacing Corporate Airlines

KMLI gates:
Gate A03: @Daniel_Cerritos
Gate A04: @JacobVanZanten
Gate A05: @AmericanAirlines2739
Gate A06: @NetJets_Nick
Gate A07: @KoolKidRayJ
Gate B08: @Maria_Ros_Stefansdot
Gate B09:
Gate B10:
Gate B11:
Gate B15:


That’s sad that you are closing:-( I liked the name.

You can join us if you’d like to. Final flight will be at 3:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST. After 10:00pm, Corporate Airlines VA will cease to exist

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Sorry, I will be in school:-(

Can I have this gate and what planes and Liveries

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Corporate had no livery, so any plane, but in Generic Livery, and thanks for Joining!

Sorry for not replying, been VERY busy developing a small game

Count me in! I’ll try to attend.

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Thanks for joining in! Hope to see you there :)

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May I join in this event?

sure, which gate would you like?

A07 please and thank you.

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We’ll see you there! Thanks for joining!

I’ll take a gate please

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Ill come along to see you guys off ;)

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I will be the ATC for some time

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The event is in an hour correct?

It has started, but you can join in at any time in-between during the event (5pm-10pm). I will join in later, near 9pm, to commence the Final Flight of Corporate.

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It is 9pm… I’ll join anytime, just let me know!

oh shoot! I just checked the time lol. I am going in now as CORP001

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I am here waiting! Haven’t flown on TS1 in forever lol

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