[Closed] Controlling @ KASE - 142330ZSEP15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Denver

Airport: KASE

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: I will be controlling the tower and ground frequencies at Aspen in a few minutes for those of you who would like to do some pattern work

That’s a terrible idea to do pattern work at KASE look up the approach and departure charts for KASE and you will see what I mean by that comment


A month ago there was something like a flash event.
Lots of F22s performing touch & goes at KASE on the Advanced server. Active runway change included! :D

The only traffic allowed out of KASE is departure on 33 inbound on 15 their is one approach for 33 but it’s for VFR in a Cessna and isn’t recommended.

Yeah, when 33 was active I had to fly through the mountains on the left of the GPS localizer before getting on the runway…

Ok first of all their is no GPS localizer on 33 the only approach is a VFR back door approach. And the controller should of sent you to 15 even if the conditions where red below 10kts or if above 10kts closed inbounds me and that controller have had serious discussion on this topic. Further more 15 is not to be used for departure in any circumstance. Check it out for yourself I guarantee you have been approaching that airport incorrectly.

In IF there are GPS approaches everywhere.
It’s why I made this topic: Be able to fly visual approaches

Good call I saw that post and thats my biggest pet peeve with the new update. Ok getting off topic we should move to PM if we further want to discuss this sorry @GolferRyan for hijacking your thread

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