[Closed] Controlling EGNX on PG

Controlling G & T at EGNX in London, don’t expect much, I don’t do much controlling.

I’ll stop by in a few minutes:)

Any specific aircraft you’d like me to come in?

None in particular.

“Super D time”. Hell yeah!

I’m bringing the spit so don’t get mad if I go a bit off the runway.

I wont. Those raw engine sounds from the beauty stop me from raging. I span a bit anyways.

To become a good piolet, you need the spitty a bit

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Try and work on sequencing a bit, @Talkingribzz.

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Coming back in a spitty. Full stop call means I wanna land.

He can still clear you for the option 😉

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@Brandon_Sandstrom I know. I was just giving him a heads up.

Sorry about my crash. I was juggling between IF, my phone and my computer at once. Multitasking is not my forte.

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I prefer the “ill call your base” command so you don’t have to worry about when they’re going to turn.


If anyone fancies flying down to Gatwick. I’m controlling.

As I say, don’t expect much, I think I’ve only controlled once since Christmas.

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