(CLOSED) Controlling at TFFR on Pg

I’m controlling TFFR in the Carribean (once again don’t expect much, I’m not very good.)

Still on?
I cant open my phone at this second.

Just closed now.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, if the ground controller tells you to taxi to runway 12

That does not allow you to take off &
That does not allow you to enter the runway

Similarly if you’re told to Back Taxi runway 12

Do not enter the runway and just take off anyway,
Do not stay completely still and request take off again,
Do not taxi along the side of the runway on the grass up to where you feel would be a suitable distance to take off from &
Do not pushback back to parking

I know you may think “well this is playground what do you expect?” But the all of the people there had enough XP to fly on advance, and the majority had over 20000xp, there were even 2 different people of upwards of 90000 xp making some of these mistakes.

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