[CLOSED] Controlling at KPAE (Boeing Everett, Seattle)

I will try again, come to KPAE on Seattle on ATC playground for some quality time (I think) being controlled by me. Only few requirements.

  • Bring a Boeing Aircraft
  • Use Runway 16R/34L
  • Please give me feedback via PM
  • Pattern Work is accepted
  • Please enjoy!

Come along for this Boeing-tastic session.

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The most People sleep at this time

If you reopen it later I am sure the Will come poeple

Come if you want.

I can’t I am on school now

Someone come, just re-opened.

Coming now

I’ll be there later

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Sorry…seriously messed up my first event

Just finished.

You could of requested a missed approach? I would of then told you to enter a pattern.

I rage quit

Yes you may have, but it’s okay to execute missed approaches. When you do it on advanced, you switch over to Approach if available. They can then vector you away and let you have a second go. If Approach is not present, the Tower can ask you to enter a pattern.

Sorry I feel really bad. Please PM for an another event. I will normally join if 6-10PM EST on weekdays.

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I will send you a pm soon.

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I saw Josh Crash the Virgin A320 xD

Yeah that was a show

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Weren’t you going to PM me?

Yep got busy

Thanks! :)