[Closed] Controller Practice @YSSY - 061400ZSEP15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Sydney Australia

Airport: *YSCB Canberra to YSSY Sydney and other airports *

Time: 2pm zulu Sept.6

NOTAM: This is for ATC controllers who wants to be “checked” by other fellow controllers. We want serious pilots who will follow ATC instructions. This is not a test to be a controller on the advanced server.

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Date? (filler)

Follow this

I just edited it :) thanks

Changed according to the guidelines! :)

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If I can make it I will be happy to give you feedback!

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I`d be glad :)

I thought controllers weren’t doing any of this sort of thing until the theory test is out?
Please See:

This is to know how the person is doing, not for the test.

Ahh ok, so it is a practise not a test. The title just seems a little misleading for people reading through the topics though.

Try-outs meaning i want me and maybe other fellow ATC controllers to get checked by other real advanced controllers and hopefully recruiters :) sorry for the misguidance

Ok that’s fine :-)