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Hi, I’m Connor, I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but never had the courage to make one, or be bothered to make one. So here is my tracking thread, this is the place where i’ll be posting if i’m open, closed, where, how long.

  • Please be professional

  • Patterns aren’t my strong point, so none of them until I get better

  • Mostly i’ll be focusing on New Zealand and Southern Pacific

Please do leave feedback, and let me know if I did good or bad (I’m not feeling up to IFATC yet)

Hope to see y’all around

I’m open at NZAA (Auckland) for 45 minutes
EDIT: Sorry, wifi dropped, but thanks to those who came by and did my first real ATC

I’ll come out, but I only got a few minutes. 👌

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Sorry, app crashed. See you the next time you open.

No problem, thanks for coming!

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