[Closed] Columbia Gorge River Run @ KDLS - 221930ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region of the Week: Seattle Area

Airport: KDLS Columbia Gorge Regional The Dalles Muni

Day: Saturday, August 22nd

Event Start Time: 19:30 ZULU (12:30PM PDT)

Event End Time: 23:30 ZULU (3:30PM PDT)

Objective: Fly from KDLS to KPDX Portland Intl following the Columbia river. It is roughly a 15 min flight at 225kts.

NOTAM: All aircraft welcome, Generic liveries encouraged

Optional challenge: Keep it low under the radar! Altitude is restricted to 1000’ AGL. Your Generic painted aircraft will be loaded with a special cargo at KDLS, and your customer does not want to attract the attention of the authorities. Get the cargo to KPDX quietly!

Please post event experiences and pics here


One question: how would drugs traffickers be able to afford airliners?

Another question, Rotate.


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Who said anything about drugs!?

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You’re making it seem like it!! :P

Well if you sell tons and tons of expensive cocaine picked and processed at low prices and sold at high prices, you’d be sure to make a tidy profit.

Not that you should…


… It’s just a gimmicky idea to attract interest! Other organizations use generic aircraft to move cargo around as well.

This is actually a quick and fun flight worth taking. Lots of good scenery, some nice sweeping turns, and airports right off the river. I needed an excuse to stay low!

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Great, I’ll try to be there!

I’ll be there, flying a B737BBJ

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I’ll be in an ERJ-190

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@Rotate, yes on the playground, but this route is fun solo or in a group. I just looked at liveflight and saw you out there… Haha, nice call sign! Very inconspicuous :)

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Good idea. Nothing suspicious about that at all! I bet if someone is controlling Portland when we arrive, they won’t even notice us sneaking in there over the river.

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Getting lined up now for the first fight. Runway 30. Expect 28R at portland

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Lol, I crashed into the side of a cliff