[Closed] @Cole_Collins Air Traffic Control Thread!

Hello everyone, welcome to my tracking thread!

Some brief history on my ATC journey in Infinite Flight!
Around two to three months ago, I tried out for IFATC. I failed all three of my tests, and so I have to wait a few more months to try again. The last one I took was borderline! I always liked to control at KSAN in the old days before global! I plan on trying out for IFATC again as soon as I am able to!

What I plan on bringing to you!
I look forward to opening up about two to three times a week so I can practice my Air Traffic control skills. Sessions will be around 45 minutes to an hour. I will do my best in trying to get you all efficient and excellent control services! I will also let you know in advance when I will control and give a suggested route for fly-ins about an hour and a half before I control.

What can you do to help me?
I would love for you all to have fun while flying, but please respect others in the session and don’t troll. Open and constructive criticism is appreciated on this thread!
Have a great one!

Special thanks to one of my friends, @Matt737 for volunteering his time to control with me!


Anticipating your first ATC session!

(Nice thread btw ;)


Yeah same here, thank you! I will open up today in maybe a couple of hours.

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Hey Everyone! I will be opening up at KLGB for an hour in 10 minutes! Runways in use will be 30 and 25s!

Suggested Route!
JetBlue A320

Or come and do some pattern work!
See you there!
@Matt737 will be the approach!
We are open everyone!


We are open everyone! Thanks to @Moosehead08 for volunteering to control the other end of the suggested route!


@Cole_Collins, and @Matt737 are still open at KLGB with TWR/GRND/APP. KOAK is now closed. Thanks to everyone who showed up at Oakland.


Thank you Moosehead for helping out! Have a great day/night!

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I am now closed. Thank you to all who came tonight!

BGood day everyone! I sincerely apologize for the inactivity, I will be opening up at Kathmandu in 15 minutes.
Suggested Route- Kathmandu-Paro (VNKT-VQPR)
Flight time- Around 50 minutes
Aircraft- Infinite Flight 737bbj

The views of this route are stunning as you get to see Mount Everest!
See you at Kathmandu!

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And if you dare try to go to Paro😈😈, Here is the approach chart!

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I’m live everyone, come join me!

I am now closed, good day!

Hey everyone, sorry for the inactivity. I will try to open once I get home after school.

Hello everyone! In 10 minutes, I will open up at KSBA, my home airport!
Suggested Route
Aircraft: United 737-800

Or come and do some pattern work.Feedback is appreciated!!

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I’m am closed now, unfortunately no one came. Do you all want me to control bigger airports? Thanks for the insight.

Hey everyone, tomorrow I will open up Albuquerque. 9:00am pdt

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Hey everyone!!
I will be opening up at KABQ (Albuquerque) for about 30 minutes.
Suggested Route
Aircraft: Southwest 737-700
Expected time: 1:40

Please leave feedback!! Feel free to do patterns.

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I am now closed, good day.

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