[Closed] CityHopper Delivery (Open to all) @ KTPA - 030900ZAPR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: South Florida

Airport: KTPA

Time: 0900Z

NOTAM: *We will fly from KTPA to KMIA at 22,000FT, please use an aircraft from the A320 family or the B737 family.(FDS or Generic livery.) which ever aircraft gets the most people flying it CityHopper will choose as their next generation aircrafts. We hope to see you there!!! The flight plan will be decided by me and my call sign will be CH1. Please comment below so we can give you a call sign.
Thank you


Please come open to all!

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I’m in and I’m being my A321

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What do FDS MEAN

Infinite Flight/Flying Dev studio

Call sign for A321 needed please tell me as soon as u can

Okay I’ll sort one

What is the call sign for cityhopper

CT is the call sign

Ok thanks!

Is this 0900z or other time zone?

Zulu, 0900

Wait is England zulu

Not right now.

Currently its 1 hour ahead of Zulu

Oh ok so I can make it

I’ll be in my 737-800. My call sign is N270VA.

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sorry never mind I don’t have south Florida can u change the place?

No sorry it’s sset

I’ll be there in 45 mins

A notification to my fellow pilots,

  1. This event is at 1000 in BST.
  2. Our call signs will be CTHXXX (XXX being 3 numbers)
  3. I will be CTH001