[Closed] City of Roses Flyout @ KPDX - 122000ZJAN19


Sure thing, got you at B1, changed destination from ABQ to SAN.


I’ll take gate D9!


You’ve been added, see ya on Saturday!


Can I have gate D13 - Delta 737-800 to JFK please?


Sure thing, I’ve changed your gate.


Can’t come :( sorry.


Bummer, hope to see you at another event soon!


Less than 24 hours until the event!
Still a good amount of gates open! Departure procedures will be sent out into this thread 1-2 hours before the event begins.


I will be there!


Really sorry, but something came up and I won’t be able to go tomorrow 😢
Hope to attend other events of yours, @ClarenceTheAvgeek 👍


same boat as @Aviation_1298 unfortunately, gonna have to go as a noshow as well :(


Can I get the Alaska 320 to SJC?


Sure thing! You’ve been added! See ya tomorrow!


That makes 3 flying to SJC [ including me ] tomorrow for the event!


I’ll take echo 2 I’ll be a Southwest 738 flying from pax to Seattle


Pdx sorry it autocorrected


I can join again so can you put me up for gate D7 again


Anygate, A319


You two have been added, see ya at KPDX!

I’ve added you to D4, since it’s the only A319 route available out of the flyout.


Sorry but can I change to this? I would be in a bit of a time crunch if I had the gate I have now.