[Closed] City of Roses Flyout @ KPDX - 122000ZJAN19


You added me to gate D6


Fixed, sorry about that


I’ll take D8 to Denver please! A321


You’ve been added, see ya there!


can i take c11 pls to las vegas on the 900


I’ll take C4. One question when is this event? In the title it says JAN19 but in the description it says JAN12. What day is it truly on?


In the title it refers to the year, the day is the first number in the title, and the year is the last number. so it is on the 12th! :)


@AIDAN101 @samoyed1 You guys have been added, see y’all there!


Ok, good to know for the future!


I’ll take C10 to KSAN


You’ve been added, see ya there!


Sorry but I’m not gonna make it to the event


That’s a bummer, I’ve removed you from the list. Hope to see you at another event!


Can I have B3 please?


Sure thing! You’ve been added, see ya there!


Less than one week left! Lots of gates still open!


Can I have gate D1 to SFO?


Sure thing, you’ve been added! See ya there!


Event is in less than a week!


Any gate to SJC please : ) I understand that you do not have a gate for there anymore but if you can just change one

I would prefer the ASA 739 but Southwest works too