[Closed] City of Roses Flyout @ KPDX - 122000ZJAN19

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Event Information

Server: Expert
Date: 2019-01-12T20:00:00Z
Airport: KPDX - Portland International Airport, Oregon


  • Please spawn in 10 to 15 minutes prior to the event start

  • Departure runways and procedures will be provided the day of the event in this thread

  • You are in charge of your flight plan and fuel. You can use fpltoif.com or check #tutorials.

  • There are multiple routes that are flown using a certain livery that is currently not in IF, you can either fly the Generic livery or another aircraft of similar size for that same airline.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot add every single route into this event due to gate space. However, if you’d like to change your destination, feel free to tell me.

  • Unicom will most likely be the source of ATC communications, please act professionally. If someone next to you is pushing back, you should not be pushing back at the same time as them. Hope you enjoy the event!


To reserve a gate, comment what gate, route, and aircraft you plan on using.

Concourse A
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1: Alaska E175 (Generic) Tucson (KTUS)
A2: Alaska Q400 Eugene (KEUG) @TenMileJones
A3: Alaska E175 (Generic) Missoula (KMSO)
A4: Alaska Q400 Boise (KBOI)
A5: Alaska Q400 Spokane (KGEG)
A6: Alaska Q400 Medford (KMFR)
A7: Alaska E175 (Generic) Santa Barbara (KSBA) @Plnelovr
A8: Alaska E175 (Generic) Burbank (KBUR)
A9: Alaska Q400 Billings (KBIL) @Colin_Bondi
A10: Alaska E175 (Generic) Reno (KRNO)
A11: Alaska Q400 Redmond/Bend (KRDM)
A12: Alaska Q400 Fresno (KFAT)
Concourse B
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
B1: Alaska B737-900 San Jose (KSJC)
B2: Alaska B737-900 Orlando (KMCO)
B3: Alaska B737-800/900 Boston (KBOS)
Concourse C
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1: Alaska A320 San Francisco (KSFO)
C2: Alaska B737-800 Orange County (KSNA)
C3: Alaska B737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Sebastian9915
C4: Alaska B737-800/900 Kahului (PHOG)
C5: Alaska A320 San Jose (KSJC) @TheDeltaFlyerr
C6: jetBlue A320 New York/Kennedy (KJFK)
C7: Alaska B737-900 San Jose (KSJC)
C8: Alaska B737-900 Oakland (KOAK)
C9: Alaska B737-800 Lihue (PHLI)
C10: Alaska B737-900 San Diego (KSAN)
C11: Alaska B737-800/900 Las Vegas (KLAS) @GlobalFlyer1
C12: Southwest B737-700 Oakland (KOAK) @Asorb
C13: Southwest B737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) @JeromeJ
C14: Southwest B737-800 San Jose (KSJC) @BigBert10
C15: Southwest B737-700 Denver (KDEN) @Luke_Sta
C16: Southwest B737-800 San Diego (KSAN) @Plane-Train-TV
C17: Southwest B737-800 Oakland (KOAK) @ClarenceTheAvgeek
C18: Southwest B737-800 Seattle (KSEA) @AvaitionFreak
C19: American B737-800 Chicago (KORD)
C20: US Airways E175 (AA) Los Angeles (KLAX)
C21: American A321 Charlotte (KCLT)
C22: American B737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) @Airwolf
Concourse D
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1: United A320 San Francisco (KSFO) @esant_15
D2: Air Canada Q400 Vancouver (CYVR)
D3: Delta B737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX)
D4: Volaris A319 Guadalajara (MMGL) @N339RGsuper_bruce
D5: Delta B737-800/900 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Kyle.r24
D6: Spirit A320 Las Vegas (KLAS)
D7: Delta B767-300 Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM) @Matthew_20204
D8: Frontier A321 Denver (KDEN) @Cargo
D9: Delta E170 Seattle (KSEA)
D10: Hawaiian B767-300 Honolulu (PHNL)
D11: Delta B767-300 Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
D12: Aeromexico B737-800 (Generic) Mexico City (MMMX)
D13: Delta B737-800 New York/Kennedy (KJFK) @Declan_O
D14: Delta B737-900 Detroit (KDTW) @Delta319
D15: Delta B737-900 Atlanta (KATL) @AsternAviation
Concourse E
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
E1: United B737-800 Denver (DEN)
E2: United B737-900 Chicago (KORD)
E3: United B737-900 New York/Newark (KEWR)
E4: United B737-700 Houston (KIAH)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
FDX 01 FedEx MD11F Memphis (KMEM)
FDX 02 FedEx MD11F Oakland (KOAK)
FDX 03 FedEx B772F Anchorage (PANC)
FDX 04 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis (KIND)
DHL 01 Southern Air B772F Cincinnati (KCVG)
UPS 01 UPS B767-300 Louisville (KSDF) @Playr_Mar
UPS 02 UPS MD11F Anchorage (PANC)
UPS 03 UPS MD11F Honolulu (PHNL)
UPS 04 UPS MD11F Ontario (KONT)

More cargo gates can be added if needed.


D 14 please (739 aircraft change)

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D15 please and thank you :)

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I’ll take B2 :)

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C15 for me please! Thanks :)

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A2 please! :)

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I’ll take A7 to KSBA

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C16 to KSAN please!

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I’ll take C13 please

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I’ll take Gate C3 to KLAX PLS

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Hi can I get gate A9?

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Can I get C15, but instead of KMDW, can I go to KSJC

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Hi, can I please get Gate C5, KPDX - KSJC, Alaskan A320

I love it when there are events in my home airport! This will be fun, looking forward to flying the venerable Dash 8 into lovely Montana!

Thank you for hosting this event.
I’d like to please represent for UPS Virtual (UPSVA) UPS Virtual Airlines || Our Heritage is in the Cargo : Growing Fleet!

May I please request Gate: UPS 01 to KSDF
Aircraft: B763
Callsign: UPS 81

@BigBert10, @Declan_O, @Playr_Mar You guys have been added! See ya there!

@Colin_Bondi Yup! Very scenic route you have there!


Hey Clarence, D5 please!

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Going to bump the topic

Less than 3 weeks until the event!

I’ll take gate D7 please!!

You’ve been added! See ya there!