[Closed] City Cruisin' @ EGLC - 051630ZAUG15

Server: ATC Advanced Server (Yes, you heard that right… I’m in! Passed by a hair!)

Region: London

Airport: EGLC

Time: 1630Z (AKA… Now)

NOTAM: *Time for a smaller airport! Head on over to London City on the Advanced server and do a little bit of flying! I can only control Class Delta airspaces for now, hence why this airport was chosen. Also, for goodness sake… please don’t bring anything bigger than a 737 into this airport. Nothing bigger than that are allowed in Class Deltas. Remember the steeper 5.5 glidescope, too!

As usual, have fun!

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Er… thanks for the correction. xD

Anyhow, thanks for the kind words! I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass it either! Lol!

Okay, guys. Please don’t bring a 777-300ER into London City for no apparent reason. I had a guy who did that just now, and I cleared him without noticing his aircraft size in the little menu.

Be sensible! A 777 ain’t going to fit at London City!

Please read the category guidelines to format your post title accordingly. Thanks

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Change your post title to this: City Cruisin’ @ EGLC 051630ZAUG15