(CLOSED) Christmas {Runway} Lights Turn-on @ EGLL - 242000ZNOV16

@LouDon16 will add you to the event and assign you a gate shortly :)

Gate 113. Speedbird 231.

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Sign me up

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Sign me up Speedbird 127 I will need a gate

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115 and SPEEDBIRD 321

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Take stand 116

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IFES will be crashing this tonight. Have fun everyone.


Put me in please.speedbird 194


Put me in the last gate:) SpeedBird 1874

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Never mind…
Ignore my previous comment

Didn’t find stand 115

I will look into this for you …

Please stand by in the meantime !

Joshua Fleming
Deputy President

You are right there is no stand 115 , good spot ! @LouDon16 will be on shortly to sort this out and assign all those who are waiting for a gate soon … Thanks for your patiences ! :)

Looks like it is going to be busy , so remember to respect our own internal ATC teams instruction no matter what !

Gonna be great can’t wait


Okay while we wait for the gates to be updated …

(X) 103 - @TnT_YT *
(X) 116 - @Thomas_Ralph
(x) 117- @Soydepr
(x) 119 - @Ethan11
(x) 120 - @Chris_Ridgell
(x) 121L- @jdag2004
(x) 121R- @PizzleDizzle
*Take my gate , as I’m doing ATC now …

Anyone else needing gates let me know !


Hi all,

As the president of British Airways VA. On behalf of my excellent SLT and our professional and brilliant Pilots. May I welcome you to our ‘Christmas {runway} Lights turn-on’ event.

I really hope you have a brilliant flight, and feel welcome within our community.

If you wish to join us, and be a part of British Airways VA. Please contact @Joshua_Fleming who will be willing to help process your application.

Thank you for flying with us. See you in the sky!

President and Owner
British Airways Virtual Airline

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Any chance of a gate and call sign? Or am I too late?

@Joshua_Fleming - Ive lost track of gates, can you help?

Do worry i shall take over …

I can always rely on you look!! This is why I should leave events to you! haha. Ive worked out I can make them, thats enough fun for me! haha