[Closed ]Christmas in Finland @EFHK 221800ZDEC18

December 22, 2018 6:00 PM


INFORMATION:we takeoff at EFHK and we land at EFHK. We fly over Finland’s airports we don’t land any of these airports and we land only at EFHK other airports are just part of flight plan

I think this beatiful flight because we fly over country of thousands lakes and beatiful nature and celebrate christmas so join us!And when we land please taxi to parking and don’t leave yet because when everyone arrives we take awesome group picture and if you can please use Finnair A321 or boeing livery. But you can use any livery you want .

And if you want to be on ATC please send me a message

And if you want you can copy my fpl my name is FINNWINGS and callsing is Finnair321

And you can spawn any gate you want but please don’t spawn inside someone

I hope you join

Month: Dec

And if you want this event to be like at 1500Z then please tell me in the chat


Please follow the proper event format!



It’s just so people can get info about the event from the title

It should be

Christmas in Finland! @ EFHK - 221500ZDEC18

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Dec needs to be in capital letters (DEC)

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There we go - perfect!

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Hi we need finland’s air ports

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