[CLOSED] Christmas Eve Zello in the City of Lights & Love @ LFPG - 241907ZDEC16

Server: Casual

Region: Paris

Airport: LFPG

Time: 1907Z

I’m back with Zello ATC to save you boredom on Christmas Eve. This week, I’ll handle Zello in the City of Lights and Love, Paris. ATC services will include Charles de Gaulle, and any other airport as long as it isn’t jam packed with planes. ATC will go from 1907Z until 1952Z. If you haven’t joined my Zello channel, and you would like to participate in the event, the channel is Infinite Flight-CBaccari. Enjoy.


I will surely try to be there and thanks Baccari for hosting this as it’s my bday on Christmas!

Although this is Christmas Eve. Still, hope you can make it.

Yup I’m coming! It’s confirmed! I’m gonna be in my hotel in London! So hype! Thanks again because it’s my birthday in some time!

And one more thing… Zulu time is UTC right?

Zulu is GMT or UTC. The event is in TWENTY minutes. Make sure to plan your message timing before clicking that mic button to speak. I don’t wanna have to wait two minutes at a time to speak. This goes for ALL EVENT PARTICIPANTS.

Cancelled. Goodday.

Aww… Come on! So… Are you gonna postpone it to Boxing day? xD ;)

New Years Eve. I don’t want to inconvenience the people who are working all this week.

Thanks! Let me know of the timings on PM!

I’ll invite you to the topic I’m gonna make in a couple hours.

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Sure! Thanks!

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