[CLOSED]China Airlines Virtual Touch and Go Madness @ WSSS - 202000ZMAY17

Server: Training

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Welcome to another China Airlines Virtual event! The flight will be held at Singapore Changi Airport(WSSS). This event is called Touch and Go Madness. Please remember not to troll, fool around, be immature, etc. At the end of the event, please remember to post your favorite photos in this forum! Please fly in a plane plane with the China Airlines livery. Flight Plan: At 2010Z, we’ll be taking off from WSSS, Speed: 340, Altitude:14,000. We will be taking off from WSSS, make a touch and go at WMKK, then back to WSSS. First person to make it back to WSSS without crashing wins the event. More gates will be arranged if needed.

Gate C01: jashby
Gate C11: Jccuzzer
Gate C13: Massimo_Perrotta
Gate C15: Binesh_Ashokan
Gate C16: Trevor_Miller2
Gate C17: Balloonchaser
Gate C18: @AppleOneGT
Gate C19: @Tsung-Jui_Lee
Gate C20: Kevin_James
Gate C22: Marie_Sackett_Tretia
Gate C23: Cpt_elpuru
Gate C24:
Gate C25:
Gate C26:
Gate D30:
Gate D32:
Gate D34:
Gate D35:

If you would like to apply to become a pilot, or Head of ATC, please click here.


Ill take gate c01 plz

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Btw we cant go 300knots at altitude:10,000 or less

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I will take gate C11

I will be there gate 13 please

Sign me in pls…

I’ll take a gate please. Trevor Miller 11UV A380-200

Sign Me Up! Should Be Interesting

I will take a gate, sign me up please

Will join the event on time.
Please sign me up there, thanks. :)


Event STARTS in 1 Hour and 30 Minutes! Be there on time so we can actually start this event at 20:10Z!

Event Starts in 10 Minutes. Start Spawning In!


@AppleOneGT are you on for your event? Its starting in 3-5 Mins… :|

Can i please ssiisksks

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Pick your runway and the best route to get there.

NOBODY takes off until everyone is by a runway waiting to takeoff.

(I am going to takeover running this event… As nobody else is)

The event has started! :)

Spawn in at any gate and go! Takeoff and find the quickest route to WMKK and back to WSSS! Dont crash though by going to fast

Its a Race

Started* @AppleOneGT

Whoops! Didn’t see my mistake.

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And then it was down to 3… (And a fighter Jet)