[Closed] Chillin' Chicago | @KORD, KPIA, and more! | 050000ZSEP15

Chillin’ Chicago- Event o’ Extravaganza


Server: Advanced Server

Looking for some fun? For two straight hours, us advanced controllers are opening up the Chicago region for some chilling flying! You guys have the opportunity to fly around Chicago for two straight hours without ever worrying about if the advanced ATCs are going offline… We’ve discussed and made a commitment to control for two hours. We do encourage users to wish Matt Woolford luck as he has the danger of falling asleep during the session… Try not to be too hard on him. ;)

Time: 0000Z-0200Z (2-hour event)



Ground: Joshua Smithley
Tower: Joshua Smithley
ATIS: Joshua Smithley


Ground: Tristan Hensley
Tower: Tristan Hensley
Approach: Tristan Hensley


Ground: Matt Woolford
Tower: Matt Woolford


Flight Plans:



NOTAM: For airports with an ATIS, please be sure to tune in and listen! It’ll make the lives of us controllers much easier if you have a situational awareness of what’s going on in terms of traffic, as well as weather conditions.

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I’m in Chicago now and am right under a flight path. Seeing all the heavies fly over is cool.

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Er… apologies to American8, whom was supposed to make a traffic pattern. I was thinking about the guy behind you, who wasn’t being considerate about spacing to your rear, so I apologize about the frequency change.

Another apology to the guy with the callsign of DWUS…er… something, Super. I was on the toilet at the time, and someone was taking off from the runway you were going to cross. At the moment that nature called, I forgot about you. Thanks for re-requesting runway crossing, though!

Yes I am there right now! :)

Can I still come in?

We left/finished controlling. You’re still free to fly wherever you want, though. ;)

Alright thanks thought I’d make it

Can we meet up at klax

No problem. Maybe next time!