[CLOSED] Challenge: Spawn at Every Airport in the Chicago Region between March 12-25

And you admit this challenge is in fact, pointless.

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Not pointless, but accomplishments are accomplishments.

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Ok, good luck with the challenge Captain Happy ;)

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Challenge: waste your time.

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Sorry I love Chicago but I have a life I’m 5th grade and got things to study for to prepare to be a first officer after i finished college

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Errrrrrrrrrrr you’re going to become a 1st officer in a month?


The struggles of a fifth grader


No but need to prepare for college and it starts in school

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Yes, and 5th grade is the the most important when applying to colleges. I’m not saying this is an amazing use of time, but just keep things in perspective.


I would rather do what @Lx_D would do rather than wasting my time doing this challenge. Education is my 2nd most important thing on the list. IF being 4th.

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@C_Baccari you know this topic is going to close before MAR 12.

Starting at 1000Z tomorrow, you may start taking airport pictures. I’d seriously suggest going alphabetical, because it’s easier than making a checklist of 564 airports. Remember, you’ll have until March 25; you’ll have plenty of time.

I know right. Must be reallly stressful…


Until next Saturday, take a hoard of pics. 564 to be exact. Nobody says that after you put a pic on the forums that you can’t delete it from your photo library. Only after posting it, however.

You don’t really think people are going to upload 40+ pictures a day on here do you…surely not.

Goodbye to the IFC memory that’s all I can say.


You’re absolutely right! This is pointless!


Got my first twelve pics to share. I’ll have to resize the other three.

Please can everyone taking part post it on a PM so we don’t need to see all of this


I have no idea who’s doing this, but if it’s just me I’m posting them here.

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OneDrive doesn’t work. If that’s gonna be the way it is, then this topic had no point.